Dump Score Log To Selected Track.

How many times you found yourself playing AWESOME melodies, jamming with your keyboard, feeling the beat, and how AMAZING it could be once you finish the melodies you had in mind, but for a second everything fall apart, because you weren’t recording! The piano roll is empty, no scores are there! You want it to record it again but unfortunately you don’t remember the melody or the chord progression you came up with anymore!

Well today is your lucky day, because luckily Fl studio records any MIDI input for up to 30 minutes and can be restored to the piano roll. In order to recover your MIDI, go to Tools > Dump Score Log To Selected Track.

Adding Scales.

This time you are so motivated and you want to make a beat, but you remembered that you were skipping Music theory class, you can’t remember what is harmonic scale or pentatonic scale!

Well, screw that! Fl studio got your back again, you can right-click on the “Typing Keyboard” icon next to the BPM indicator to select a scale layout. This will make it so that every key pressed on your keyboard will be locked in the selected key.  

Master Pitch.

Let’s say that you made a beautiful chord progression, with astronomical melodies, and plenty of layers, but for an instant you want it to see how it’s going to sound if you changed the key!

Easy! You won’t be going through each layer’s piano roll and change each layer’s pitch, we’ve got your back covered!

Change the entire pitch of your track by changing the master pitch knob next to the master volume knob near the hint panel. Save yourself from going into every MIDI clip and adjusting the notes up or down any number of semitones.

Remove unused audio clips.

You just finished a huge project, and you have so many audio clips that you don’t want to use anymore, and you want to get rid of them!

Click Tools > Macros > Purge unused audio clips. This will automatically delete all clips from the channel rack that weren’t being used and will clear up space.

Signal Flow.

Beyond FL Studio, Signal Flow is an important topic in music production in general, and it is often overlooked by beginners.

Signal Flow refers to the order of processing devices on a sound. So in FL Studio’s case, it refers to the order of the FX slots.


Thankfully, Image-Line have made it easy to reorder FX. Simply hover and scroll over the FX slot and it will move up and down. It’s the easy.

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