Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Sample Packs Royalty-Free?

Ofc! The products we sell can be used in your releases without paying any additional royalties to the rights owners. If there are ever any exceptions to this rule then the terms of the exception will be made very clear on the relevant product page.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept all major Credit Card and Debit Cards and PayPal.

Why won't your site accept my Credit Card?

Our site uses PayPal Website Payments Pro to process all Credit Card and Debit Card payments. Occasionally, PayPal may choose not to accept a card based on a number of criteria. If you have used your Card frequently during the past 24-hours this can trigger alarm bells, for example. In this instance, please pay directly through PayPal, by choosing the PayPal Pro Express Checkout option. If you still have problems then please contact us for support.

I have not received my download links. What's going on?

If you haven’t received your download links the first thing to do is to check your SPAM folder in case your email service provider has delivered it there. If you cannot find your download link in the SPAM folder, then please check your “order status” which you can find in the order confirmation email. If the order status is “Queued” this means your order has been queued for manual processing. This occurs when your order fails to pass all of our security checks. This is nothing to be majorly concerned by as all genuine orders will be satisfied. Our security checks are put in place to prevent fraud, so we can continue to operate effectively. Generally, queued orders are manually processed and emailed by one of our staff members every 4-12 hours, depending on the time of day you order. If you order between 10PM and 9AM GMT and your order is queued then you will receive your download links  at 9AM GMT. If you are from the USA or Canada then you should be aware that the UK is 6-8 hours ahead of your time, so email and telephone contact at night (our time) will not be responded to. We will however deal with your issues first thing in the morning. If this has not answered your question then please contact us.

What is a Download Link?

A download link is a URL that is emailed to you when you order a product from BangerLoops.com. When you click the download link it will open up a web page at BangerLoops.com that will allow you to download the product(s) direct to your computer. Generally, our downloadable products come in ZIP and RAR formats. Both of these file formats can be extracted using WinRAR, which we highly recommend for use with our products. Download WinRAR here.

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