Embrace the world of log drums with Log Drum VSTi, the ultimate plugin for exploring the diverse sonic possibilities of this unique percussion instrument. Whether you’re crafting authentic Amapiano and Afrobeats grooves or venturing into uncharted sonic territories, Log Drum VSTi is your versatile companion.

Unleash a Vast Preset Library

Dive into a collection of 100 carefully crafted presets, meticulously categorized into Basic, Evolved, Real, and Sub categories. Each category caters to a specific sonic palette, ensuring you have the perfect foundation for your log drum-driven productions.


Basic: The Essence of Log Drums

Discover the essence of log drums with the Basic category, featuring 36 presets that capture the signature low-end frequency and percussive attack synonymous with Amapiano and Afrobeats.


Evolved: Pushing Sonic Boundaries

Embark on a sonic adventure with the Evolved category, where 36 innovative presets transcend the boundaries of traditional log drum sounds. Explore a world of sound design techniques, effects, textures, and layering, unleashing fresh and inspiring sonic textures.

Real: Rediscovering Traditional Roots

Reconnect with the traditional roots of log drums with the Real category, featuring 15 playable slit drum percussions. Capture the authenticity and versatility of traditional log drum sounds, seamlessly integrating them into your compositions.

Sub: Enhancing the Low End

Reinforce the low end with the Sub category, offering 13 dedicated presets designed to amplify the bottom end. These presets are particularly useful when a percussive attack is not desired or when layering a sub-bass is necessary.

Unleash Creativity with Sound Design Tools

Log Drum VSTi goes beyond its preset library, empowering you with a comprehensive sound design and effects suite. Explore a built-in equalizer, ADSR envelope, saturation, distortion, reverb, delay, and a step sequencer, unlocking endless possibilities for crafting unique log drum sounds.

Compatibility and Specifications

Log Drum VSTi seamlessly integrates with your existing production setup, compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems and supporting VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. With a lightweight Windows installer size of 37 MB and a macOS installer size of 83 MB, you can quickly get started.

Conclusion: Your Essential Log Drum Companion

Log Drum VSTi is your indispensable tool for harnessing the power of log drums in your compositions. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, Log Drum VSTi is an essential addition to your sonic toolkit.