Why Choose Bangerloops?

  • We’re creators, not just a company.
  • Commission-based, your success is our success.
  • Collaborate, learn, grow – together we bang harder.
  • Be part of the music production revolution.


  • Passion: We’re music geeks on fire, igniting creativity and pushing sonic boundaries.
  • Collaboration: We’re a team that grooves together, sharing ideas and building something bigger than ourselves.
  • Innovation: We’re not afraid to break the mold, crafting tools and experiences that redefine what’s possible.
  • Excellence: We obsess over quality, delivering the best for our creators and pushing the industry forward.

To fuel this revolution, we need YOU!

  • BangerLoops isn’t just a music production platform, it’s a sonic revolution in the making.


  • BangerLoops is on a quest to empower creators, push the boundaries of sound, and build the most vibrant community of music lovers on the planet.

But this isn’t a one-size-fits-all call. We’re seeking a diverse crew of sonic architects, each with their own unique magic to share.

So, let’s dive into what awaits each of you:


Music Makers:

Are you a beatmaking alchemist, a melody maestro, or a sound design sorcerer?

Join our team of tutorial creators, tipsters, and article writers and inspire the next generation of Bangerloopers. Share your knowledge, showcase your skills, and become a guiding light in the Bangerverse.

What we expect:

  • Deep expertise in your chosen music production domain.
  • A passion for sharing your knowledge and inspiring others.
  • The ability to translate complex concepts into clear, engaging content.
  • A knack for storytelling and keeping your audience hooked.

CONTACT US: info@bangerloops.com

Sample Pack Wizards:

Do you hear rhythms in raindrops and melodies in rustling leaves?

We need your sonic alchemy!

Craft next-level sample packs that ignite creativity, inspire experimentation, and push the boundaries of genre.

What we expect:

  • A deep understanding of sound design and sample creation.
  • An ear for unique, high-quality sounds that inspire and excite.
  • A knack for crafting cohesive sample packs with a distinct sonic identity.
  • The ability to create packs that cater to the diverse needs of Bangerloops creators.


Apply now

Ready to join the revolution? Send us your portfolio, your story, and why you think you’re the missing piece of the Bangerloops puzzle. We can’t wait to hear from you!

VST Architects:

Do you speak the language of C++ and dream in algorithms?

We need your coding wizardry! Craft cutting-edge VST plugins that redefine the possibilities of music production.

Push the boundaries of sound manipulation, effect creation, and workflow optimization.

What we expect:

  • Mastery of C++ and VST development.
  • A deep understanding of music production principles and workflows.
  • An innovative vision for the future of music creation tools.
  • The ability to design user-friendly interfaces and intuitive control systems.


Your contributions don’t get locked away in a vault. We believe in shared success, and our commission-based payment structure ensures your hard work directly translates to your earnings. The more you create, the more Bangerloops grows, and the more your bank account sings along!

Joining Bangerloops isn’t just a job, it’s an adventure. It’s about being part of a movement, a community where passion fuels innovation and creativity explodes. So, answer the call, unleash your sonic magic, and let’s build the Bangerverse together!



Affiliate Program:


BangerLoops offers a lucrative affiliate program that caters to musicians, producers, DJs, recording studios, film and soundtrack producers, advertising executives, and anyone passionate about elevating their creative projects.

As the world’s largest distributor of legal downloads, BangerLoops provides access to a vast library of resources for crafting smash hits and killer tracks.

Through our affiliate program, partners earn a generous 30% commission on sales, empowering them to monetize their network while promoting the creative freedom and quality offerings synonymous with BangerLoops.

Join us and take your productions to the next level while reaping the rewards of our thriving affiliate network.


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Join The Bangerverse

Remember, the Bangerverse needs your unique talents. So, step forward, music makers, sample pack wizards, and VST architects, and let’s make some sonic magic happen!