Discovering the distinctive sound of Monti Booker, a trailblazer in the music production industry, unveils a world of creative techniques that set him apart. In this article, we dissect the secrets behind his production, exploring the nuances of his approach and the unique elements that contribute to his signature style.

How Monti Crafts His R&B Magic

Monti Booker’s prowess in R&B is evident in tracks like “Mona Lisa.” Breaking down the song, we observe a recurring formula—a combination of seventh chords and a clever shift in the second note of the fifth chord. This simple yet effective technique consistently delivers the desired R&B feel. As the song progresses, Monti’s genius shines through as he plays with different sounds for each chord, seamlessly piecing them together into a captivating whole.

Crafting Melodies with a Twist

Taking inspiration from Monti’s methodology, I experimented with a similar approach. Starting with a synth key sound, I incorporated pitch shifting and delay for a dynamic effect. Transitioning to a harsher sound with added distortion, reminiscent of Monti’s style in “Wild Irish Roses,” I aimed for a unique sonic experience.

Adding Rhythm to Elevate

Monti’s addition of rhythm to chords is a game-changer. Employing tools like Shaper Box and Portal, I introduced rhythmic elements to a basic sign pluck, resulting in a layered and textured composition. Chopping and rearranging the sounds brought forth a melodic masterpiece.

Vocal Chops for the Win

In alignment with Monti’s penchant for vocal chops, I integrated this element into the mix. The final result resonated with the soulful vibe he consistently injects into his beats.

Decoding Monti’s Drum Bounces

Monti’s drum arrangements, particularly in soulful beats like “Mona Lisa,” showcase a meticulous approach. The key lies in sound selection and a nuanced understanding of rhythm.

Crafting Soulful Drum Patterns

Analyzing the drum patterns, Monti’s preference for hand claps on the second and fourth beats adds a subtle but crucial bounce. The slightly off-grid placement contributes to the uniqueness of his beats without compromising cohesion.

The Art of Trap with Monti’s Spin

While R&B and soul define Monti’s signature, he seamlessly incorporates his style into trap beats, as seen in “Rice and Gravy.” The melody, driven by a detuned synth playing arpeggiated chords, became my focus.

Embracing Texture in Trap

To emulate Monti’s approach, I used a sign pluck processed with various effects, including a compressor, cassette, portal, and EQ. The addition of ambient delay and subtle textures elevated the background, creating a rich sonic landscape.

Monti’s Quirky Touch

Monti’s affinity for unconventional sounds, like laser-type textures, inspired me to explore similar elements. Integrating random three-note melodies and melodic perk rolls brought an avant-garde quality to the composition.

Mastering Monti’s Trap-Style Drums

Monti’s expertise extends beyond soulful beats to crafting unique drum patterns in trap style, exemplified in tracks like “Jid Song.”

Unique Drum Selection

Monti’s drum selection is characterized by unique sounds, evident in the distinct snare on the Jid song. I mirrored this approach with a rim clap and percussive elements that added an extra layer to the overall beat.

Precision in High Hats

Monti’s high hat technique involves a clever shift off-grid, creating a dynamic feel. Emulating this, I incorporated traditional trap sounds and applied the earlier discussed techniques for a balanced and engaging result.

A Blend of Acoustic and Trap

Inspired by Monti’s “90 Proof featuring J Cole,” I blended acoustic and trap drums, using a drum fill to conclude the loop. This fusion adds complexity and depth to the rhythmic structure.

A Glimpse into Monti’s Synth Mastery

Monti Booker’s sound wouldn’t be complete without his mastery of synthesizers. Whether it’s soulful R&B or trap beats, his unique approach to synths is a hallmark of his production style.

Ao8 Synth Magic

Taking cues from tracks like “Rice and Gravy,” I incorporated an Ao8-inspired synth, creating a captivating presence hitting on the one. A second Ao8 with a more pronounced attack, reminiscent of “90 Proof,” added depth and complexity.

Monti Booker’s Essence: Soul and Feeling

At the core of Monti Booker’s sound is an unwavering commitment to soul and feeling. His chords not only evoke emotions but also transcend the melody, resonating in the rhythm itself. Monti’s willingness to experiment with detuned textures and unconventional bounces gives his beats a character that stands out in the saturated world of music production.

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