Unleash Creativity with Output's Co-Producer Suite: A Deep Dive into Pack Generator

If you’re a music producer, you understand the endless quest for the perfect sound to elevate your tracks. Output, the renowned audio brand, is stepping into the AI music creation arena with its Co-Producer suite. The first jewel in this crown is the Pack Generator – a tool designed to inspire and assist music-makers in crafting unique, royalty-free sample packs effortlessly.

What is Output’s Pack Generator?


Imagine a tool that allows you to conjure your ideal sound using simple text descriptions. That’s exactly what Output’s Pack Generator does. This browser-based beta software empowers you to create personalized sample packs by entering prompts that capture the essence of your desired sound, whether it’s a synth chord progression, ambient sounds, or a disco beat.

Here’s a breakdown of how Pack Generator works:

  1. Text-Based Description: You input your vision into a straightforward text box, specifying details like genre, key, tempo, and even moods or scenes.
  2. Algorithm Magic: Hit the ‘Generate 4 New Packs’ button, and Output’s algorithm analyzes your text, curating four sample packs in response.
  3. Preview and Download: Each pack comes with a preview track showcasing the sounds. Listen, choose your favorite, and download the 30 royalty-free samples and stems for immediate use in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Output’s Pack Generator stands out from other AI music tools by aiming to inspire creators rather than replace them. It utilizes a blend of generative AI and authentic audio samples from real musicians, avoiding the use of copyrighted material. The algorithm doesn’t create entirely new samples but intelligently resynthesizes sounds from Output’s extensive library to align with your request.

Gregg Lehrman, CEO of Output, emphasizes the company’s commitment to bridging the gap between AI capabilities and human creativity. He believes AI should streamline the music-making process, freeing creators from mundane tasks like scouring for sounds.

Is Output’s Pack Generator Effective?

While Pack Generator offers a unique and creative approach to sound generation, it’s not always perfect.
Let’s look at some prompts and their results:


Example Prompt 1: “Energetic electric guitar solo with a funky rhythm, 120 BPM, key of C# major.

Co-ProducerElectric Guitar

Example Prompt 2: “Late-night cityscape, pulsating bassline with electronic textures, 100 BPM, in F# minor.”

Co-ProducerCity Landscape

Example Prompt 3: “Jazz trio in a smoky lounge, upright bass walking, brushes on the drums, 105 BPM, in B flat major.”


Example Prompt 4: “Uplifting orchestral strings with a triumphant feel, 110 BPM, in A major.”

Co-ProducerOrchestral Strings

Example Prompt 5: “Middle Eastern-inspired percussion with a mystical vibe, 120 BPM, key of G# Phrygian

Co-ProducerMiddle East

Example Prompt 6: “Psychedelic guitar riffs over a trap beat, 130 BPM, in E flat minor.”


The sounds generated are diverse and creative, showcasing the tool’s potential. However, the AI model has its limitations and may not always fully grasp the intricacies of complex prompts. Given that Pack Generator is still in beta, ongoing updates are likely to enhance its capabilities.

In an upcoming feature, we’ll delve deeper into Pack Generator, exploring its strengths and areas for improvement.

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Output’s Co-Producer suite is set to introduce more AI-powered music-making tools, promising even greater possibilities for music producers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, Pack Generator opens a door to a world where AI fuels creativity rather than hinders it.

Try it out, experiment with prompts, and let your musical journey take a thrilling new turn.